Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa's Scotty Dogs and the Presents

Santa is placing the Presents in his sleigh! When those sassy Scotties come bouncing and jumping and knock packages off of Santa's sleigh onto the snowy ground.
The saucy Scotties run off to the Pond and Skate away with only thoughts of winter fun!

See how happy the Scotties are skating the day away!

They are so cute Santa will just look around and start laughing, "HO! HO! HO!"

The fun of new china is in decorating a Christmas table. We will be warm with a hot pot of tea.

Just add cream or sugar or Both!

The place setting begins with the Scotty shape salad.

And the stack of plates, with another of the Plaid Scotty salads. 

Red Salad.

Plaid Scotty dinner Plate.

White embossed Christmas dinner plate.

The Christmas color water goblet and the Scotty mug.

Peek inside the mug and sweet Scotty appears.

Either a green or red stem can be chosen.

The snowy scene of a sleigh and reindeer.

Reindeer are waiting for Santa.

Still watching.

Still skating.

More presents?

The present is lighted! What can it be?

Peek into the clear package.......What is red inside? Where is Santa? You will have to wait until the Night of December 24 th for you may hear reindeer hooves, some barks and woofs, and probably the big "HO! HO!HO!".

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Accident at Thanksgiving Time in Texas

Pilgrims by Kaldun & Bogle. My mother ,89, was in a car accident during Thanksgiving time and we were unable to post prior to Thanksgiving. She is doing better but she must heal for six weeks.
Green Majolica turkey pattern on Turkey platter.
Thanksgiving Table ready for the gathering of family.
Pumpkin soup tureen and ladle by Kaldun & Bogle.
Turkey tea light and Pumpkin votive.
Orange soup bowls by Mainstay.

First course is pumpkin soup with a dollop of cream.
Pumpkin ribbon tied in a bow full of soup spoons.
Harvest of fruits.

Cornucopia of plenty.
Basketful of bounty.

Orange or Red autumn leaves votive.
Green majolica turkey dinnerware by Bordallo Pinheiro.
Green majolica embossed turkey with acorns and leaves.
Napkin embroidered turkey tea towel.

Fall leaves water goblet by Sticla.
Copper flatware by Towle.
Pumpkin teapot by Kaldun & Bogle.
Turkey teapot by Kaldun & Bogle.
Dessert course served with sweets and hot tea. Four different flavors of tea in either one of two turkey teapots or one of two pumpkin teapots.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boo, from Texas!

Ready ghosts and goblins to find your way to the less Tricks and more Treats. I found a vintage style fabric at JoAnn's with sweet scenes of children dressed in costumes for Halloween. This began the point of reference for making a tablecloth as a background for the theme of the tablescape.
Fortunately, I discovered these satin quilted pumpkin shape place mats at Home Goods to give texture to the setting. The orange flatware is adds a matching element.

The dark bronze place plate picks up the brown and blacks shades of the autumn trees in the vintage cloth.

The curve of the orange round dinner plate echoes the shape of the pumpkin.

A surprise idea is presented in the contrasting black and white colors and shape of the cobweb and spider salad plate by Mesa. Look for a repeat of the cobweb design elsewhere on the table!

Happy shining face of Jack o' bowl shape pumpkin gives you a toothy smile.

All the elements are displayed together in the place setting as a repeating theme of a vintage Happy Halloween with smiles and scares!

Adding a scary dark black pumpkin goblet with a laughing orange Jack-o'-Lantern face for imbibing of a taste of the Witch's brew.

Following a creative moment, I dressed the Jack-o'-Lantern towel as the body with a screaming ghost head tied on with printed Halloween ribbon creating arms and legs.

A second creature was born with the same body and appendages but the head of wide smiling jack pumpkin with button eyes.

The third creature has the same extremities but the head is a greened eyed black cat with pointy white and bright red mouth. All of these creepy characters have the ambition of a nontraditional napkin.

The luck of finding, at Tuesday Morning, the vintage style pumpkin head man grasping the pumpkin and the woman carrying her basket adds to the happiness with the joyful smiles on their faces. The center is a silly three pumpkin jack-o'-lantern with tree limb arms carrying engraved with Trick or Treat.

The vintage style HALLOWEEN blocks have costumed caricatures playing instruments and dancing.............

probably to tunes from old scratch records.

More pumpkins with jolly ghost head and craved Boo, sit side by side of the cobweb black pumpkin.

A happy Jack says TRICK or TREAT with his sign, while a wily back cat pumpkin waves the jack-o'-lantern wand.

Adding autumnal yellow and orange hues with the potted mums, gives a colorful arrangement to the table.

The metallic wire jack-o'-lantern pick highlights the shades of the flowers in the fall bouquet.

Greeting you to come sit with us at the Halloween table are the friendly but a little spooky characters styled as those of time gone by. We will toast our goblets to memories of old and fun times in the present!

Well A BOO To You and Trick or Treat, Too!!!!!