Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hearts and Flowers

Plus Two Stories and Surprise Ending!
 You all have gone to a progressive dinner. Well, this is a progressive tablescape because it started at home, then I went to Lubbock, Tx. My son gave me my Birthday present of this gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a Birthday cookie and a Birthday cake! I know many of you say "Oh my I got flowers". This was very special for I just never get fresh flowers, and my son actually picked them out and then stood in front of the bouquet to hide them, then stepped aside to surprise me!
The lovely white lilies and the beautiful red matte glass vase were the colors I was using for my Valentines Day table. The bouquet added just to right accent to the centerpiece. I moved the girl figure to show the pretty shape of the vase.
The lilies traveled back home safely and the aroma drifts through the room as I walk by.  So, the flowers added the finishing touch along with a few small changes. The next time I need to finish a tablescape I will just go to Lubbock, Texas and my son will present me with just what I need!
 Will you Be Mine?  My Valentine?
Before I begin, The second story.....
 The Valentine Figures are by the artist, Jenene Mortimer was on display at Market Street in their Dish department. Market Street is a grocery store with everything you need plus all the china, crystal, flatware and decorations for a table. It is every dish lovers dream. The figures just had to come to the Valentine's Party!

Who will Kiss Me? My Sweetheart on Valentine's Day!
It begins at a store where you probably all shop!
 I began by going to Home Goods. I found nothing with even a bit of decorations for Valentine's, but candy. In the next block was a Ross store, I usually never go there because I never find what I'm looking for at the time. I walked to the home area in Ross and there a full display of all things Valentine.  Place mats, runners, tablecloths, mugs, plates, bowls, trays, salt and pepper sets, and decorations what a happy find. The place mat was also a great item from Ross!
 As you can see, I am into the hearts, red and white theme! The tablecloth was a Ross purchase from the second or third store that I went into.
The red salad and dinner plates were a great purchase at the Crate and Barrel outlet. The red heart accent plates are from the Ross store!
 The mugs are from Ross!

 The tea towel/napkins are a Ross find!
The white heart was from the Market Street Dish department!
 The tray matches the accent plate and you guessed it a Ross purchase!
 The tea did come from Home Goods around Christmas time. I got several tins because I liked the colored labels and like to try out new teas. Someone left a comment at Christmas about the Green tea with the Green label by Tea of Life and asked if I liked the flavor and I love it! The Pink label is a Green tea with Raspberry flavor added to make a special flavor just for the party. I also enjoy it with sweets.
 The Red teapot is Le Creuset from their outlet in Dallas. I waited to purchase them when they had a discount on their red items.
The gold sugar and creamer are by Royal Winton. I found them at one of my favorite antique stores several years ago.

THE END OF These Stories But for the ......... Next Story!
Look in other places and always hope for a SURPRISE!
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