Monday, October 16, 2017

Halloween Tea Party

Ready, Set, a Halloween Table 
Not to scare you, but to entertain you.
A Halloween table of skeleton ladies and gents.
The centerpiece thrives on many skeletons large to small.
Come closer......
...closer, with dancing on the table to a skelie tune.
The scull teapot by Blue Sky Ceramic "Mortar and Bones"
Be wary of the spider coming out of the tea.
A touch of whimsy comes with the girl Anna Lee figure dressed as an orange skeleton.
Here the laughing boy Anna Lee dressed and ready for trick or treat.
Cream and sugar are arte nouveau as a beaded elegance surrounds them by silver and gold skulls.
A skeleton with crossed arms holds up a white candle tied with a black ribbon.
Come to the table, sit, and observe the splendor of skeletons.
You have a choice of plates from a gent with top hat with a girl in a ruffled dress.
The lady dressed in Victorian black attire walks her skelie dog. The gent tips his top hat in his tailored suit.
The farcical china is the creation of the Victorian Pottery Company of England. 
Adding detail with a skeleton print place mat, skull name tag holder, black and silver flatware, and double napkins held by a circular ring.

She skull glass tumbler is filled with skeleton candy, the he tumbler is topped by a ghost lollipop and a candy skeleton bracelet. 

A witches brew of hot tea in the mug or a iced sweet tea in the goblet is your brave.

The spooky skull chair covers are caught in a purple web.
A touch of Fall around fire place composed of scarecrows and pumpkins....

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