Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trick or Treat Tea

Halloween tabletop  a little kookie and a little creepy. So join us now for an adventure of laughs and screams. LOL.  
The creatures crawl about the table greeting you with spooky sounds, which will keep you hopping at the table.
The beginning of this crafty table are the placemats, napkins, and runner with silver webs on black. Woven by the spiders inviting you to join them at the table. The white dinner plate sets the first layer.   
The accent of the Jack-o-lantern knife creates for you a way to spread honey butter on your hot pumpkin bread.  
The lacey spider web accent plate creates the feel of Halloween.
Beware of spiders and insects as you reach for you napkin. Things are not what they seem.
You are invited to view your full place setting. The lighted silver Jack-O-Lantern will cast shadows as you view your meal.
Who knew that spiders could come in unusual colors. The green spiders are crawling on your goblet. As the lights dim the white spider will cast an eerie glow.  
Hanging around the west end of the table is Miss Spidee directing skeletons and spiders on their mission.
Fear not the headstone is not yours, it is Diane Rott.
Which plate would you choose? The skull and crossbones?

The witch on her broomstick?

The haunted house with its secret doorways and scary cats?

Or the scary cat?

Mister Skel E. Tonn also pulls the strings for skeletons to frighten the hooting owl atop of the tree candle holder.
Below him is the marker for Mr. Hugh R. Next, not for you unless you are B. Leevit or R. Knott
To warm your heart beats and calm your nerves, grasp you hands around the golden mug.
Serving you the bubbling brew out of the bright orange teapot is guarded by Army ants and ghosts.

Miss Spidee loves her necklace and top hat.
The watchful owl hoots as each hour passes as he guards the candle lighted tree.
Hanging from tree to tree are rattling bones as the night wind moans. 
The haunting house appears in view, will you be brave enough to step up to the door or will the spiders send you running in retreat?
The Jack-O-Lantern face sends you a grin to keep you here and fill your dreams with a haunting Halloween.

All of the nightly creatures come to close your evening of "Happy Hauntings".

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Autumn Leaves" by Nat King Cole

I am thinking of Nat King Cole's version of "Autumn Leaves" as the inspiration for this tablescsape.
The velveteen orange  leaves placemat  is centered with an embossed leaf and acorn charger.
 A fortunate find of Olfaire's orange leafed dinner plates sets the mood of falling leaves. 
"Autumn Leaves turn red and gold" as the song lyrics exclaim. A coupe soup by The Victorian English Pottery is placed on top of the orange salad. 
 The matching napkin of orange leaves is encircled by the orange beaded napkin rings. The silverware with a clear orange handle complements the place setting. 
The goblet has fallen leaves floating above the orange stem.
In the full place setting each guest will see their name in the topiary ceramic pot.
 The details of the centerpiece include bright red apples and green ceramic pumpkins placed on the coordinating orange velvet leafed runner. 
The bronze mercury container is ringed with stainless steel and rope handles. The leaves and grasses fill the container.   
 Hot cinnamon sunset tea tastes wonderful on a chilly day.
Green and red votive candle holders
will be lit at dusk. The sun lights falls onto the tablescape.
The grape salt and pepper shakers may be used to season the soap and entrée.
A close up of the center piece shows the details of the fall bouquet.
The small tureen with hand painted hues will serve a cream sauce to be added to the squash soup.
The velvet pear and orange pumpkin encompass one of a pair of bronze mercury candle holders. The candle holders match the main centerpiece. 
 More lighting will be added with the metal tray holding the amber glass votive and a pair of clear candle holders with sage green candles.
Hope all of you enjoy the season as the Fall leaves turn.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Surf, Sand, Shells, and Swim

"Sea of Love" by
Phil Phillips.(1959)
is the theme of this table setting.
From a sandy place far away we are treated to a table watched over by a pair of frogs. They were designed by Debby Lilly. 
The boy frog watches the beach for sharks thru his binoculars.
Boy and girl frogs have their sailboat near
so they can fish, find lobsters, or just
watch the seabirds.
A flickering candle is a small basket gives them light as darkness falls.

The lobster trap is covered with shells and nets from a earlier fishing trip.
The girl frog is safety conscience wearing her own life preserver. 
The boy is so concerned about distance threats he barely sees his female companion.

With a white place plate the blue shelled dish is
from Borallo Pinheiro.
Two close ups show the detail of the pattern. 

Here the over view shows the plate mat, plates, silver, and napkins.
A blue bottle also has a candle to help with the beach fun.
The view from the back shows the sea grass and shells on the beach.

The Silverware is Oneida Deluxe with a shell pattern.
The seagull just has fun watching the frogs.
This overview shows all the components in one photo 

As the frogs keep looking into the distance, they keep wondering where did our waiter go? The life challenges of being a frog on the beach. 

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