Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Santa Kind of Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!
 A beautiful Christmas centerpiece.
 Mrs. Clause on the left side of centerpiece.
 Santa on the right side.
 Santa and his bag of toys on a platter.
 Santa and his puppy on a platter.
 A wonderful place setting for Christmas Day.
 Christmas Santa on the salad plate.
 Santa and puppy on salad plate.
 The two Christmas mugs by 222 Fifth in the pattern "Twas the Night before". 
 Red water goblet and plaid Christmas ornament.
 A red bow to top the two different Christmas Trees!
 Santa Clause teapot and the mail being carried by the reindeer!!

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Saturday, November 30, 2019


Time for Turkey
 A look down the Thanksgiving table!
 Our long centerpiece has a pumpkin hue velvet runner with golden leaves.
 The midddle of the centerpiece has three proud turkeys that were hoping
they would get a pardon from the President.
On the left side there are candles and holders plus a Brown Vista teapot by Mason's.
 The young pilgrim boy is carrying pumpkins.
The right side of the centerpiece also has the teapot and stuffed turkey.
The young pilgrim girl is carrying a basket of small pumpkins.
Our beautiful place setting is ready for our Thanksgiving meal.
 Queen's China produces the "Magestic Beauty" pattern in England.
 The beautiful full feathered turkey is in the colors of browns, oranges, and gold. 
 Hawks crystal pattern is "Pineapple"in the water goblet.
 You can have your own personal teapot with a choice of different teas and drink out of its pumpkin cup.

Happy Thanksgivings from  the Curtis Family!

I will be posting this on the following
tea and entertaining blogs;