Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to school on the bus

Yeah! Back To School on the Bus! Many memories come to me as I think of school. I was a teacher until I became a Mom. I still love to decorate for school. I loved getting my bulletin boards ready and all the fun things for the kids to come on the first day of school.

The place setting is a creation for a being ready for school!

My husband was an administrator in Transportation and Textbooks. That meant school buses with yellow and black colors. He is over Textbooks only now. This school bus has the colors and is ready for children to board the bus.

The table is set for us to experince the fun of the traveling on a bus to get to our school.

Here is our silverware in the yellow of our school bus.

We also have a red apple for the teacher, unless we get hungry and decide to take a bite!

The placemat is black and the shape has spokes and round circles as a symbol of the wheels on the bus.

The red glass goblet is to remind us of the shiny red blinking lights on the bus. Of course, the favorite drink is a can of red Coke. By the way, in the south we ask "Do you want a coke?" to mean any kind of soft drink.

Here we see the bus has its shiny red blinking lights telling us it is stopped to pick the children.

See the children in the window of school bus are smiling.

Our alphabet road has letters and numbers scattered all the way for us to read.

There is even books for us to pick up and take to school.

Little Bear is waving to the school bus driver to stop and pick him up!

You can see Tiger wanting for everyone to walk up the steps to get on the bus.

What is more apporpriate than a dragon to drive the school bus.

The boy with the ball is waiting for another school bus.

The bus pulls up right on time for the two boys to get on the school bus.

I hope you have enjoyed our back to school on the bus tablescape. I will leave you with one story. A guy gets up on the first day of school and says, "Oh, No! I have to go back to school." A girl says, " I know, but you have to go back cause your the Principal." HAAAA! I taught my students to spell Principal by telling them, the person is your pal.