Monday, October 12, 2015

RSVP : Rattling Skeltons and Voodoo Party

Time for The Party 
Halloween is always exciting when shopping in stores viewing all the displays. I was enjoying all the fun and collected the skeletons which seemed prevalent this year. Pretending to be a little spooky, is just for fun at the party!
May all of you have an imageable Halloween!
 The centerpiece has all the tricks and treats for a Happy Halloween!
 Candles and Flowers share the centerpiece.
 Grins and Heads strike a pose.
 Our Mr. Skeleton waves you over ready to tip his top hat.
 Our Mrs. Skeleton dressed in her finest.
 We are centered for the party!
 A Skeleton teapot filled with herbs and spiders to warm your goose bumps.
 Mr. Sparkle Groom rides to the party carrying............
 Mrs. Sparkle Bride and her jack-o-lantern..............
 in their shiny black Carriage.
 Yoodoo Hoodoo will be cursed?
Quickly rub the Crystal skeleton Head maybe you won't become a Victim of the Dead!
Hurray, hurray and take a seat so you can eat some wiggley worm pie and tarantula tart! 

 The raven perched upon the branch ready to swoop down on his prey.
 The skeleton head with many teeth makes your teeth chatter from facing the haunted truth.
 Read the words and learn the fact that Halloween is a pleasure treasure.
 A spoon to sip the spider soup, a fork to stab the slithering snake and a knife to crave a crusty cake!
 A silver head to name your place, a girlie skeleton for you to shake!
 Spiders on Skeletons will sprinkle either pepper or salt.
 Or maybe a boy skeleton for you to take!
 Lighted candles surrounding..............
 the hot pot of tea.
 The tea is ready for your taste and candy corn tossed so catch your treat.
 Keep a tumbler or a mug for a spicy drink.
 Peek through the skeleton to view the potion!
Either mug has..............
 a skeleton you can choose to slurp a hotty toddy!
 Breath taking blooms to scent the party.
 Sprinkle Salt and Pepper over your shoulder from either potions or spells,
 one of the jack-o-lanterns,
 an orange or black spider,
 and use with caution the skulls for spiders bite!
A tower of skeleton skulls has the spoken words of Halloween!
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