Sunday, February 22, 2009

Texas Spring comes in February

Polly DuPont is a terrific china and accessory shop in Richardson, Texas. The display outside of two rabbits is a Mr. and Mrs. Bunny for spring. They bring your eye right to the entrance of the store.

They both are dressed up for a walk and probably some shopping. They were just part of the wonderful decorations for spring. I enjoyed the table settings inside and the cute Easter items.

I went on a walk across the street to get a photo the neighbor's tulip tree. When sweetheart came home he drove me around the neighborhood to look for some of the springtime flowers.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine Table

Valentine's Day is almost here and my table is ready for the day! Hope you can spot the theme for my table besides just being valentines.

The centerpiece is an Annalee mouse holding the sweetheart candies. A platter is on the bottom, a stationary valentine box, next the green glass cake stand, the white plate, and then a heart of tiny hearts for the mouse to stand on.

The place mat is pink linen with a dinner plate of pink "Old Britain Castles" by Johnson Bros. A dessert plate and mug of cherubs is by Fitz and Floyd. The silverware is purposely arranged with the pink and red on every other place. Finding the napkin from a tea towel with hearts and polka dots helps to coordinate the colors in the ribbons. A Pez candy holder is stuck inside the ribbons.

Hopefully you can tell, I have a theme of sweetheart conversation candy. The take out box has the conversation heart candy printed on the outside and the hearts inside. Above by the place setting is a box shaped like them. On the chairs are different color pillows with saying in the heart shape. Did you find any one conversation hearts?

The teapot coordinates with the cupids from F n F. Also included on the table, is the creamer, sugar bowl. salt, pepper and the planters filled with candy.

Mr. Bear is waiting for Valentine's Day and he is sitting on his sack to place all his gifts in.