Sunday, November 17, 2013


Corn-U-Copia was chosen for the use of corn was given to the Pilgrims by the Indians to plant for food. Copia was the Roman goddess of abundance. All the plentiful kinds of food during Thanksgiving is what we are grateful for this time of year. 

 The Pilgrim Gentleman is showing some of the prosperous crops of corn, grapes, pumpkins and wheat filling his arms. The Pilgrim hat is formed from corn husks as are his pants and socks.
 The Tom Turkey is a salt shaker set from my family.
 Three shakers from three sets create a mini-thanksgiving scene. The Pilgrim Woman and the pumpkin are from two sets I acquired over time.
 The Pilgrim Lady shares her loaded basket of abundance for the feast. Her cap, collar, sleeves, apron and skirt are from parts of corn or the husk. She is clasping corn ears in her hand.
 The Turkey hen shaker is from the set of my family.
 A Pilgrim Man and pumpkin shakers set the table for a feast.
 The Pilgrims flank each side of the table.
A wooden basket of golden mums is the centerpiece placed on the turkey platter.
Peeking out from the flowers are two turkey candle votive holders.
 When I see the turkey I always love to sing The Turkey Song from my teacher days and always love the chorus of Gobble, Gobble, Gobble.
 These turkey plates with a corn border complement the Pilgrims corn made attire. Happily, I acquired these plates and turkey platter at Home Goods. The plates are extremely heavy and the same dimensions of a charger. We always have a plate loaded with food and the guys will love this!
The close up shows the detailing of the corn on the rim's plate.
 Each place is set and waiting for the family to feast!
 We will have a delicious pumpkin soup served in the golden pumpkin tureen. Of course, I'll add a dollop of cream.
 The turkey plate will have the desirable serving of cranberry salad  using pecans from Texas.
 The cutest part of the table is the turkey napkin ring and the golden napkin with the embroidered turkey.
 The flatware is from Spode in their Woodland pattern with the embossing of a turkey and all kinds of fowl.
 The gold mug matches the color of the individual pumpkin tureen.
 An amber goblet by Colony in the Park Lane pattern glows from the sunshine.
A copper tea pot and hot water pot are to the left of the centerpiece. 

Pilgrims, pumpkins and turkeys are a reflection of Thanksgiving.
The fall hues brighten this teapot with leafs and acorns. The teapot will be filled with spice tea to accompany our pumpkin pie dessert.
Our lady brings all the colors and symbols of the season.
As a final look at the table from the side, you can see the full view of my table scape. The blessing of the season will be shared with our family.
Just down the lane from our home, the beauty of the season is presented in this amazing landscaped arrangement.  

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