Sunday, June 28, 2015

Strike up the band !!!!

Happy 4th of July
 The Band is ready to play patriotic songs for example, The Star Spangle  Banner, America The Beautiful and God Bless America!
 If they start to march some of the best will be the Stars and Stripes Forever, You're A Grand Old Flag and This Land is Your Land!
 Blue and red candleholders will be lighted as the darkness descends!
Two band members are keeping time on the drum and horn!
 A flag runner sets the patriotic musical mood.
Two more band members are accomplished playing the cymbals and flute.
 Surrounding the band stand are hydrangeas placed in red and white striped or blue and white stars jars found at Michaels. The band stand is created by the large red ceramic stand by Boradello Pinerho. The top white ceramic stand is by Arlington!
 The band leader strikes up the band in a rousing musical number. The band members and flag runner are from The Rusty Chandelier.
 Standing tall the leader keeps the rhythm by carrying the US flag!
 Cardew Design creates the perfect patriotic teapot with a teapot shape print of the American flag!
 U. S. A. TEA rings the rim of the teapot while more American flag teapots circle the lid.
 The pride of the Red, White and Blue is shown in the shapes and hues of the place setting.
 The top layer is a red star shape bowl by Fresh!
 The second layer of plates is the blue and white checked salad by At Home with Marieke.
 Your next layer is the white scalloped and beaded ceramic dinner plate by Gallery Tabletops "Le Provence".
 Catch the Sun flatware with red and white or blue and white gingham has a comfy feel!
 Bring more of the patriotic theme is the blue with white stars of the place mats and napkins by Pottery Barn. Encircling the napkin is the metal star napkin ring also by Pottery Barn. The darling bowl of blue and white check is part of the ceramic pieces.
One of the cutest place card holders is the red ant by who else but Pottery Barn!
 The goblet and cup will hold the drinks.
 Ivima glassware company designed the red hobnail water goblet which adds a spark of color!
 The blue and white checked cup is also by At Home with Marieke.
 Hot tea will be served from the USA teapot and poured into the blue and white checked cup!
 Bigelow is the brand of tea for 4th and the flavor of the day is Constant Comment. The aroma is of orange and sweet spice when steeping.
A blue or red star mason jar is lighted by a white candle for a friendly mood!
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Birthday Party Time

Birthdays are Fun!
Celebration for my husband is special for he loves cake and ice cream!
Fortune shined on me for I discovered enameled metal plates by Michael Sparks in a party motif. He is the artist for Golden Rabbit Company.

In planning the party, I wanted a blue color theme for a masculine feel. I pulled in green and yellow shades from the plates. The candle holders positioned on both sides of the centerpiece give a height and boldness. The blue runner gives the theme more balance.
Let's have Cake!
A green china cake stand lifts the cake for more prominence!
For cuteness the Boyd's birthday bear is centered with a cupcake card! The birthday card repeats the theme of cake and ice cream.
My husband was ready to cut the cake while I photographed the table. No, no, I said, just wait for the party!
This was a fruit torte with almond slivers on whipped cream icing with a white cake center.
The cake was displayed on the charming party tray which I also found at the same place as the plates.
The excitement of a party theme design is portrayed in the ice cream plate! Each place setting says Happy Birthday time so pick a seat!
The shades of blue, yellow and green are represented in the linens and napkin rings.
The excitement of the party theme is portrayed in the ice cream plate with the blue dot rim! I found 4 of the ice cream plates at Home Goods plus all the other metal party pieces. What to do when I need 6 to 8 dessert plates?

Oh! The cake is so tempting but we must sing Happy Birthday to Dad!

I always think a birthday cake is a great centerpiece!
The large party plate has the perfect rim of colored sprinkles.

The story of the dessert plates! I had set the birthday table and still with out 2 dessert plates at the ends of the table. I walked into a darling gift store at Snider Plaza in the tony town of  Highland Park while out shopping. There in the back of the store were 4 dessert plates with by Golden Rabbit with the cupcake theme. Shock! I grabbed up all four and asked if they had any more pieces. No was the answer but I was so excited to show my husband his birthday table was now complete. He now has a choice of an ice cream plate or cupcake plate to place his piece of cake on!
A small mug contains treats for our guests of Smarties candy which is one of my husbands favorites. Sweet iced tea, blue raspberry tea, and water will be served in the goblets!
Dad chose this place of honor, so he liked the plates with the cupcake theme.
Please, notice the bowl and mug have the cupcake theme to match the dessert plate! The ice cream dessert plate also has a matching bowl and mug. These were acquired at Home Goods when I found all the metal party pieces!

A different party tray is placed at each end of the table for the sandwiches and treats. 

The birthday teddy bear's hat has the fling of yellow, green and blue hues to enhance the party shades!

 My husband loves his Birthday party tablescape but he will enjoy it even more! The opening of presents and sharing good food is wonderful but having time with family to remember a special day is the best!
Many Birthday Wishes to You!

I will be posting this on the following tea blogs; 
Between Naps on the Porch,
are some of my favorites and
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