Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Texas 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, my table is set for a wonderful celebration of our country's freedom. It makes me so happy to see the decorations, for I love this holiday. I couldn't wait to pull out my American flag china and start decorating. I was in Marshall's the other day and saw a display of tablecloths and my eye went to this blue and white stripe. My thoughts were maybe this is what I need to anchor the flag theme. This therefore gave a base of stripes on a flag.

This is really comical, the manufacture of my bone china is Mayfair. Where is Mayfair located, but in ye ole England. We were trying to free ourselves from this very country in the Revolutionary War. The flatware is by Cambridge Silversmiths, but I have had both the dinnerware and flatware for awhile. Each place setting begins with a red place mat and each napkins is made of different American flags. I found the brass napkin rings at my favorite antique mall for 6 for $6. The flag pinwheel at the top of each place setting is from Hobby Lobby, of course 50% off.

I have been looking for the Analee figures for several months, I have gathered them from Home Goods and Marshalls. The elves are hanging on to the candles and waving to everyone. I was excited to find the AMERICA sign and the star salt and pepper shakers at Hobby Lobby, again 50% off. The three white cake stands,used for elevating, are a trio of graduated sizes from Mikasa.

On the left side of the table, you can see a close-up of the cute girl mouse carrying her flag and in a flag dress by Analee. I also bought the 2 darling patriotic metal buckets and flowers at Michaels.

On the right side of the table are the three mice holding the banner flag by Analee. The middle mouse is dressed as Uncle Sam. Their sister mouse is carrying patriot streamers.

My centerpiece is of red, white and blue carnations, again from Dollar Tree. The colorful flags and stars are via the Hobby Lobby sale. The dome shape of the flowers is to symbolize the dome of our Capital in Washington. LOL.

The chandler is decorated with flag ribbons, which are holding the patriotic color sequin stars. Dangling from the center ring is the large elf with an out stretched hand waving his red star looking like a circus act. I think he is trying to ring the bells hanging from the star.

This is a close-up of the wrought iron plant holder in the dining room. The other Analee twin elf is holding a red star and waving it for attention. He is surrounded by red, white, and blue carnations; a wooden flag star garland, and flag pinwheels in the greenery planters.

My teapot of the American flags is special to me, but sadly the designer, Paul Cardew, is out of business. I do like many of his teapot designs and he has been successful for many years. My family is looking forward to a Texas size celebration and hope your family has a safe and Happy 4th of July, too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Delightful Day Lilies

Hurrah the Day Lilies are in bloom. These wonderful flowers come back every year and always seem more abundant and beautiful each year. Our bunny is wanting you to throw a treat in his basket.

It truly is hard to tell which of the blooms is more dramatic. These brilliant orange with the yellow centers are very striking. The young girl is pushing her cart through the pretty flowers.

These three lovelies were bobbing in the wind when I photographed them. They almost seem in motion in the picture.

The pictures show a close up of the above and below photographs.

The flower beckons you to feel the velvety center.

The closeup really shows the vibrancy of the colors

Oh! They are so lovely!

Here the lilies seem to try to reach out to you.

The yellow day lilies in this photo are more calm and almost hidden.

This photo shows the yellow blooms a little brighter.

The blossoms and green leaves are very graceful.

The closeup shows the different shades of color from very pastel to brighter hue.

The center of the flower really catches your eye as the blossoms turn in opposing directions.

The little angel is comforting the birds and bunnies in our garden.