Sunday, February 19, 2012


Mardi Gras is the time to celebrate! This year it is February 21, 2012, also known as Fat Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday.  We love the city of New Orleans and all the parades, foods and music! There are many different places which celebrate this occasion. Many consider this the last time to indulge before Lent.
A feast of rich foods and rich colors for you to taste, smell and see. The deep purple, grass green, and gilded gold are the familiar colors of this celebration. The jewelry thrown from a parade float or worn on a costume.
A crown worn to celebrate or as a religious remembrance! 
 The words of Mardi Gras expresses indugence!
Mardt means Tuesday.
 Gras is the fat in Fat Tuesday.
 Colorful jewelry and coins are thrown from floats during the parades and are symbols of the wealth and riches.
 Part of creating this tablescape was searching for the crowns and these have the bonus of a the french Fleur de Lis!
 The table linens began with the lavender place mats then the contrast of the grass green place plates.
 The surprise is the china produced by Inspire.
 Deep Purple background for the salad plate and the lush design of the exotic bird and floral is in contrast to the black and white. 
 The simple design of the flower is repeated on the bowl. The spicy gumbo speaks of the mix of cultures and served up with a golden soup spoon.
 The deep purple of the napkins and tablecloth pops the colors of the place setting. 
 Your feathered mask and colorful chain can be worn for the celebration.
 The gold beaded napkin ring echoes the beaded necklaces.
 The  gold tray centers the extravagance of this table of celebration.
 The fat of feasting will come from the sweets of the famous Cafe du Monde!
 The spirits of libation will be served in colors of Mardi Gras crystal.
 So play your horn, in that jazz and blues rhythm!
 And drink your Cafe au Lait in the special mug and ask for more powdered sugar on your beignets!

As they say, "Laisseez les bon temps rouler" or "Let the good times roll"!