Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Birds come to Texas Tea Time

When spring time birds appear, it is wonderful to hear their sweet songs and watch for their migration. I have been planning this table scape since last Spring, I just did not have time to complete my plans last spring. I bought part of the decorations last year and I added to them as I found more this spring. I knew I wanted to incorporate the teapot because of its colors and the darling bird.

What a great time of the year to have pink raspberry flavored tea and enjoy the birds sweet tweets.
The teapot was purchased on our last trip to Colorado. It was manufactured by Adams and the pattern is Singapore Bird. The comical part about the trip was my husband told me there would not be as many places to shop in antique stores. I found this teapot in a great mall in Colorado Springs. As we drove back through Kansas on the way home, I stopped at every small town and there was at least one antique store in each town. I raised the teapot to give it more emphasis but, I wanted to bring out the colors so I made the pink bow. There seemed to a need for even more color therefore, I re-did my idea, and combined the pink bow with the green bow.

The view of the entire table gives the theme of birds and their birdcages. The different shades of blue were used to give a feeling of the birds in the spring sky.

This is a bird's eye view of the spring table. That was a little pun.

Each place setting has a dinner plate by 222 Fifth and the pattern is Blossom Bird Blue.
The crystal goblet is Marquis by Waterford and pattern is Omega. I found these at Home Goods at different times. I knew these plates would coordinate with the spring bird theme.

This is a close up of the blue silverware by Hampton Forge. I also wanted to show the textures of the striped tablecloth and the damask place mat. I was looking through my place mats for a true white to coordinate with the dinner plate. The one I have has gold trim, so I kept searching. I was surprised to find these damask place mats were so close to the same color as the tablecloth and napkins. I must mention the lovely Oleg Cassini blue square glass napkin rings, I used with the silverware to bring out the darker blue shades.

My wonderful find of cups which match the teapot was a surprise! I like the way they coordinate with the dinner plates. I have been looking for these cups and have tried to purchase them before but the price was always to expensive. I am now on the hunt for salad plates to match.

Here is one of the little blue birds captured in a small bird cage. I chose to place these in the middle of the plate for emphasis. Please, notice the pink blossoms on the tree branch!

This is a tiny yellow and green feathered bird. As you can see, I have different colored birds at each place setting.

The centerpiece is highlighted with the two bird cages with ivy entwining them. The birds in each cage just happened to match.

I just placed these little fluffy birds in the tiny rockers to be more playful. Here is a closeup of the blue bird.

You will notice the pink fluffy bird is perch on another tiny rocker.

This is a view from the other side of the table and all the sweet birds. I hope you enjoy the sweet birds singing this spring!