Sunday, April 15, 2012

Butterflies Galore

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful parts of nature when they are in flight! They swarm flowers to seek nectar for nutrition and land on damp patches for water according to Wikipedia.
I love seeing all the different species of butterflies in spring. The Monarch is the most recognizable when they migrate over long distances. I was very excited when I saw the butterflies flying from flower to flower especially among the wild flowers.
My table has the theme of butterflies and the special teapot has a yellow butterfly as it's finial.

The green place mats are the background for the different colored butterfly shape place mats in blue, pink and green. This salad plate has blue flowers to compliment the blue butterfly place mat.
The dinner plate is white and repeats the shape of the salad.
A close-up of the embossing on the dinner plate.
Gossamer butterflies in shades of blue, pink, green, and yellow light on porcelain pieces.
A butterfly inspired napkin is folded and tied with a pink bow to display the vivid butterfly fabric.

Flowers to attract the beautiful butterfly!
A close-up of the bright blossom!
Different flowers and butterflies appear on each salad plate.
A close-up of one of the butterflies about to land on the pink flowers.
A teacup and saucer proudly show off the lovely butterfly.
Pink butterflies are everywhere!
Another butterfly that's green is perched on the sugar bowl.
A blue butterfly has been spied on the creamer.
Even the goblet was the stylized green butterfly.
Candles are ready to be lighted, will the butterflies stay and grace the tea time table?
The butterfly theme began with the purchase of Lenox tea set in the Butterfly Meadow! I also added the cup and saucers plus the white dinner plates in the same pattern. I enjoy adding different pieces to my collection.
China: Lenox - Butterfly Meadow
Butterfly Goblets: Franco - Italy
Silverware: Reed & Barton - Majesty
Green Glass Candle Holders: Ralph Lauren
Place Mats: Home Goods
Butterfly Napkins: Jo Ann's