Sunday, September 20, 2015

Orange burst upon Autumn

Fall Flowers
Bright Breezy Leaves
 A table full of fall with orange and creamy hues! 
 The centerpiece of floral bouquets, wooden textures and colorful glass!
 The left side of the centerpiece is a porcelain figure flanked by candleholders and flowers.
 Candleholders of orange and sage glass with shiny surfaces!
 A closer view of blossoms and ball shapes!
 The orange glass candlestick crowned by dusty orange candle.
 A close-up of gold tipped orange mums, yellow flower with dark center, red and golden berries and cattails in the centering the bouquet.
Glass colored candleholders turned upside down to showcase the green and orange orbs!
 The female oriental lady sits and weaves her wooden basket featuring fall hues.
 The porcelain figures balance the centerpiece  are raised on wood stands!
 The lovely root of a fir tree is carved by Chinese artisans into a basket shape with a special natural knot. These roots are excavated from around fir tree to allow new trees to sprout and grow.
 The right side of the centerpiece mimics the left side.
 Another orange glass candlestick gives height to the centerpiece.
The wood stand elevates the oriental male carving a figure with handcrafted tools!
The bright autumn blooms are a showy bunch.
You are welcomed to a place setting of fall colors and accessories.
The china has charming enameled flowers in the temple shape of Lenox "Temple Blossoms" with pretty orange, yellow and blue colors. The salad plate is the first layer of the plates.
The dinner plate has a center with a stem of colorful blossoms and the rim repeats these flowers.
The bottom layer is the orange shiny metallic place plate!
A shiny orange pumpkin sparkles on the bread and butter plate. The orange place mat is trimmed with a white woven band and accompaning this is the clear orange tinted with silver band flatware.
The pumpkin shape enamel ring with beautiful green shape leaves holds the rolled napkin!
Bright orange wine glass is waiting for sparkling water to quench your thirst.
The Mikasa crystal goblet will serve orange flavored water in the Italian Countryside pattern.
Hot tea will have a warming feel and will be served with pumpkin cookies to sweeten your taste!
The place setting has the trio of beverages at your finger tips!

The Pumpkin Spice Rooibos is another choice when serving something hot or a comforting tea with cream and sugar!
An elegant setting of china, crystal, and flatware  grace the tablescape with fall decorations!
Welcome to the beginning of Autumn!
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