Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hoot...Hoot....the Owl says Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day and a big Hoot..Hoot 
to you from the lovable Pinky the owl.
 The Valentine theme of owls began with a visit to HomeGoods.
I visited one and only found 4 plates and 6 mugs, but
while at another store I found 6 plates. I bought the 6 plates and went back to store number 1 and the 6 mugs were still there for a happy purchase.
 While at HomeGoods, I also found these darling red lips on a pedestal.
Just the right sentiment for the Valentine's  theme with "a Kiss Me".
 Also included was a pink heart and red heart
both on pedestals, which flanked the Kiss Me centerpiece.
 At the top of each place setting I have placed a gift sack,
and a 2 piece glass setting. The gift sack was surprising found at JoAnn's.
 The red goblet will hold lemon water and the heart decorated flute will
tickle the nose with the bubbly.
 Looking from the rear of the table, you can see the sun
streaming in on the pink cake stand containing the Kiss Me centerpiece.
 A close up of the gift sack is next to pink crystal heart votive.
 Adding to the Owl theme, a red boy pepper shaker and a
pink girl salt shaker finish out the cake stand centerpiece. 
 As you can see the Owl mug matches the salt and pepper shakers.
 The red roses and red hearts are displayed into 4 heart shaped vases.
 These tea towels were also a great find at HomeGoods,
and were a perfect use for napkins.

 This overview presents a scene of happy Owls sending out
love and kisses for this Valentine's Day!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Warm inside and out

The warmth of winter is keeping us out and about in the wonderful weather!
The temperatures were up to 80 on the car thermometer, yesterday! This is a warm and delightful time for January. I wanted a treat this morning and set the English wooden tray with something new and special.
My thought was to include my new mug by Creative Tops Ltd. The pattern is RETRO TEA and is capitalized on the mark. The chintz style tea images are very retro and the blue background makes them pop.
 Included on the tray, is a cat creamer in the delft blue pattern made in Holland.
The photo above has three great milk chocolates by Ghiradelli and are so delish! I matched their color with the blue and white stripe linen on the tray. The brown bowl contains the strawberry tea leaves and adds a wonderful aroma. 
If  you are left handed, you can read HERBAL in the hearts on the mug.  The flowered teapot definitely is an image from several decades ago.
The blue and white teatime feels like winter even though the temperature is warm outside. A simple white teapot completes the setting with the taste of strawberries and then a bite of chocolate.
I have always enjoyed the Tuesday Tea Parties at different blogs! I was saddened about the news of the lovely blogs of Wanda Lee and Pam being discontinued. Every week they have given me so much joy and I just want to personally thank them.  Sometimes to just sit and read their beautiful blog would make my day.