Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dinner on Shell Beach

Congratulations, Susan! This truly is a wonderful achievement to have 100 posts for Tablescape Thursday. I have been on vacation and have spread the word near and far of your beautiful blog.
Stopping people, as I shopped was so much fun, I was privileged to see the positive reactions of the idea of your blog.
Shell Beach on the Texas coast is where I am taking my inspiration! The shells have traveled to my home, which is by the lake, but the lure of the Gulf cannot be compared! Our table is set to dine this evening in the formal dining room.

We will have sparkling wine and soft music of the shore, shall we begin with the Girl from Ipanema?

We will begin the first course with a seafood salad of crab,
lobster, and shrimp.

The pale blue shell salad plate will give you a choice of different shells.
You will want to move the shell votive to the side before you arrange your napkin.

The pale blue shell salad plate gives you a choice of different shells.

Would you like for me to refresh your wine?

I can pour you a cold glass of ice water or is your preference sweet tea!

The shell container with the white flowers reminds me of the grasses which grow among the dunes.

The pretty shells scattered on the table echo the shell motif in the clear french goblet.

The white coral is a living environment in the ocean for the fish to hide and live in.

The two blue shell teapots recreate shell shapes as a finial, handle and spout.

The lovely large pink shell can be lifted and place to your ear for the sounds of the sea.

Each person has a shell ball to view and a memento of this evening!

We were lucky to find all the shells at the shore and the shell ball in each glass sherbet reminds us of the millions of shells in the sea.

It is time to remove the salad and serve our main course, I hope you love our North Pacific King Crab Legs.

The time has come to light the candles!

Time slips by and the blue candles begin to flicker!

One of the large candles is beginning to melt, and we think of the sands slipping back to the sea as the evening tide retreats from the shore.

The shell votives are lit for each of you.

We can see the light of the day fading and the candlelight shining through the aqua wine goblet.

With each passing second of daylight diminishing, we will enjoy our evening of wine and song!

Before the sun slips below the horizon, we will make a toast to all the unfound sea shells along each shore and may we see them once more! We will close the blinds and cross the room into the living room for demitasse coffee or maybe spot of hot tea.

The Shell Beach is only in my imagination, there are many beaches along many coasts which I have visited and this is a combination of all of them. How fortunate we are to live in this wonderful country and have so many coasts to travel to and see. I hope this will inspire you to remember the trips you have taken to the beach. As I plan my next vacation maybe we will meet along the shore as we gather shells and listen to the sounds of the sea.