Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween in Texas

Witch Oh, Witch! This could be a scary night for a bewitching party.

All the witches, ghosts and goblins are out to trick or treat you! There are witches everywhere dressed in all sizes, shapes and colors.

The young trick or treaters are gathered by the orange berry trees with the tiny black bats. Please don't clap your hands or the bats will fly and encircle the party.

A huge black hairy spider has a trap be careful and don't touch the plate of treats.

You will be dining on plates with flying witches, flying bats and green eyed black cats. I hope you are ready for the witch has been stirring up a tantalizing feast in her cauldron.

This plate can hold pumpkin pie or something else the witch might bring to you.

This plate is not so scary with smiling Jack-o-Lanterns for a serving of batty boo -licius bounty.

What wicked brew will you be forced to drink by the Head Witch from the orange Jack-o-lantern goblet?

Even the Boo napkin has a lighted Jack-o-lantern to lighten up the party.

Is this telling you this will be a wicked cool party?

Did you clean your plate and want another serving of devil-ly delicious offerings.

That little skeleton is taking his chances climbing on the black cat head! Oh shiver! Oh shake!

The youngest revelers are trying to scare you into giving them a treat with their big Boo!

The party is in full swing please have only fun on Halloween.

Happy Halloween! From all the scary witches! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Don't forget to take your treat bag!
If you can get by the spooky black cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!