Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Day 2009

How can we satisfy all you senses. First, we begin with the colors of red and white for your visions of Valentines. Looking across the Valentine Day's table, the galant Anna Lee Tuxedo Mouse offers you a prize of candies.

When you think of Valentine's Day, you think chocolate, red heart candy boxes, and love. This table is fulfiling all your sense of thoughts!

The red transferware plate is Mason's Pink Vista. The red heart ramiken is from Hobby Lobby. The valentine wrapped package has chocolates for your taste buds. The valentine heart wine goblet will be filled with your favorite bubbles.

The display of a red napkin on the red tablecloth is encircled with the tiny red heart ribbon. Every where your eyes see tiny valentives.

Another package stuffed with candy will keep your mouth wanting more delicious treats.

The darling Anna Lee white hearts Chiffon Mouse is delivering a bouquet of red roses with the aroma of passion.

Did you say Yes? Red Tuxedo Mouse invites you to partake of all the goodies. He is standing tall on the three red heart shape boxes. Next to him, a feast of the eyes is the heart tree with red glitter hearts and more valentine ribbon.

He has even curled his tail to fit his tuxedo tails. If you ask politely he will sing you a passionate love song!

There are more red roses for the senses in a lovely red teapot vase.

We hope you will have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Please, light your day and night with love to enjoy all your senses!

Christmas in Waco 2009

We had some snowy weather Christmas and then later in January. Shelby walked out in the snow and layed down. She posed herself for the photo, as you can see no human foot prints just a few paw prints around her.

A very merry Christmas of new end tables from MiMi to Christopher.

Wow! Christopher was surprised with new bedroom furniture for Christmas!

This is a happy smile with more bedroom furniture.

Christopher and Mimi posing by the Dallas Cowboy decorated christmas tree.

Christopher was very proud of his tree and gave it a thumbs up!

Dad said he will have all the tools to fix his own house.

Would you believe this is a sports themed house?

Here is a pick at the tree in the corner of the room.

Christopher and Mimi in the dining room. Is there a Texas Longhorn fan living here?

Merry Christmas from our holiday in Waco, Texas.