Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tea Time Ladies

 Royal Doulton Collection 

The beginning of my collecting was on a trip to the Bahamas and Bermuda, it was when I was my first collage Spring break.  
 While I was in Bermuda, I saw a very pretty lady figurine, but I was unable to purchase her. When I got to the Bahamas I found another lady called Spring Morn and she became my very first figurine in my collection.  
 I really liked the ruffles and her pink coat. She holds her bonnet so the wind does not lift it out to sea. 
 While on a trip through East Texas with my beloved husband, we found the long lost but not forgotten figurine from Bermuda. This lady was named Easter Day. My husband said lets get her now or we may never find her again. So now my first found love of Royal Doulton Ladies joined my collection with the encouragement of my true love.
The  details like the flowers and umbrella on theses Ladies is a result of  the special Royal Doulton's procedures of painting. Generally each Lady is painted by hand by a male or female artist, but the face is always painted by a man. Doulton had found the women ended up painting their own face on each Lady.  
On our first trip to England we were luckly to tour the Royal Doulton factory in Stoke on Trent. We watched in amazement as the figurines grew into a true Lady with the Doulton stamp applied after rigid standards were met.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autumn's Sunflowers

 Here we are already in the lovely beginnings of fall. It was so fortunate to find the wooden green basket with the sunflower decorations for it is wonderful for the centerpiece. I purchased the green milk bottle vases for the sunflowers before finding the basket and luckly they fit.

I was shopping for fall accessories when I spotted these scarescrows with sunflowers on their clothing.

The detail on their back of the tiny woven basket caused me to pause and think what could I place there that is small and light weight enough, I'm still looking. His holding the pitch fork reminds me of that certain painting!

What I love is the happiness on her face as if they are out strolling to enjoy the fall weather!
The sunshine certainly is brighting the yellow and green in the glass candle holders.  

The beginning of the linens is the celadon linen tablecloth, then the darker green ribbed runner.  A Style Happy sunflower place mat anchors each setting.
I like the detail of the Style Happy linens for I also used them in the Sea shell post.

GTB ceramics created the Sunflower plates and the rim's antiqued edging adds interest to the design. The yellow flatware adds to the sunny feel.
 The artist signature I was unable to decifer and if you know this artist I would appreciate the information! The sunflowers are lovely and the 06 date is recent.

The bowl is from Harvest Spice and has the sunflower shape to accompany the theme.

True FRIENDS are light bright SUNFLOWERS
that never fade away,
even over distance and time
Marie Williams Johnston 

 The napkin, napkin ring and sign are from three different stores.  The sign was a great addition for I love the thought of sunflowers with friendly faces.
Franco glassware has so many styles preduced in Italy.  When I find this company I love to chose their different styles. Since the glassware and ceramics are both from Italy they seem agradable!

Love the carrier for the sunflower plates and had to show the tied yellow ribbon package.
I was contemplating an appetizer, maybe a wrapped sausage roll for a fall taste. 

Space for the SUNFLOWER,
bright with the yellow glow,
To court the SKY.
Caroline Gilman, To The Ursulines

And the SUNFLOWER by in
AUTUMN beauty stood.
William Cullen Bryant 
Bring me the SUNFLOWER crazed
with the love of LIGHT 
Eugenie Montale 


When I envision a table, the theme can be used for fall is of colored leaves, pumpkins, mums, sunflowers or other inspirations.  Finding the sunflower ceramics was just the beginning for I love hunting for the other accessories to embellish the tablescape.  As the hot days fade to the cooler autumn breezes I will pick up the golden yellow goblet with sweet iced tea and toast the coming of fall.  This has been a fun table to set and brings a smile to my face!