Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tip your hat to St. Paddy's Day

The Luck Of The Irish To You
The table is set to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
I hope you will come to the party!
 On the right side of the centerpiece is a large green candle holder with a white candle with green split peas as support. The green bowler is tipped for St. Paddy's Day and sports a shamrock flask. A bouquet of green and white is displayed in a green stein.
 The green bowler is decorated with a celadon shamrock as is the green shamrock on the flask.
 The left side of the centerpiece has a tipped bowler, too. This time the flask accompanying it has a green mustache.
 In the background of the table. a banner spells out "Happy St. Patrick's Day"!

The coffee pot is situated on a square clear cake stand bedecked with the green "IRISH" sign.
 You can ask us to pass the creamer
 or the sugar to take your coffee as you wish!
 The Irish flowers are green and white carnations with the addition of a few white jonquils
and with the sparkling top hats to continue the theme of hats.

Each setting begins with the green felt hat place mat.
 As a simple white dinner plate by 10 Strawberry Street begins the layers.
 The next plate is by Hutschenreuther with the pattern name of Weinlaub which translates "vine leaves" as the mark displays.

The lovely green vine decorates the scalloped rim of the salad plate. I was shopping a cute store and there appeared this porcelain china by Hutschenreuther. How happy I was to find the coffee set containing a coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers, and salads.
 A green soup bowl will contain our green split pea soup.
This wonderful bowl is really the shape of the green Irish top hat with a shamrock and gold buckle by Clay Art.

Green flatware by Orfevres of Argent graces the setting with a tea towel of scattered green shamrocks as a napkin. The napkin ring is a green arm band with a shamrock saying Irish for the Day. Are you Irish or part Irish? It really doesn't matter you can be Irish by just wearing the arm band.
 The green glass goblet is the pattern buttons & bows. Each place setting has a different individual flask and this one wishes "Luck of the Irish".
 You may wish a cup of coffee from the pretty coffee pot or tea from sweet tea pot.
 Your place of honor is at the end of the table, so please take a seat.
 The cute sayings on each individual flask
is what signals a greeting of "I' shamrock ST. PADDY'S DAY"!

Have a wonderful time on March 17th!

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