Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween in Texas

Witch Oh, Witch! This could be a scary night for a bewitching party.

All the witches, ghosts and goblins are out to trick or treat you! There are witches everywhere dressed in all sizes, shapes and colors.

The young trick or treaters are gathered by the orange berry trees with the tiny black bats. Please don't clap your hands or the bats will fly and encircle the party.

A huge black hairy spider has a trap be careful and don't touch the plate of treats.

You will be dining on plates with flying witches, flying bats and green eyed black cats. I hope you are ready for the witch has been stirring up a tantalizing feast in her cauldron.

This plate can hold pumpkin pie or something else the witch might bring to you.

This plate is not so scary with smiling Jack-o-Lanterns for a serving of batty boo -licius bounty.

What wicked brew will you be forced to drink by the Head Witch from the orange Jack-o-lantern goblet?

Even the Boo napkin has a lighted Jack-o-lantern to lighten up the party.

Is this telling you this will be a wicked cool party?

Did you clean your plate and want another serving of devil-ly delicious offerings.

That little skeleton is taking his chances climbing on the black cat head! Oh shiver! Oh shake!

The youngest revelers are trying to scare you into giving them a treat with their big Boo!

The party is in full swing please have only fun on Halloween.

Happy Halloween! From all the scary witches! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Don't forget to take your treat bag!
If you can get by the spooky black cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Leaves fall in Texas, Pumpkins for sale!

Pumpkins For Sale
The sign on the crate tells you the fall pumpkins are ready for your purchase!
The fairy is sitting in front of the pumpkin candle holder.

A pumpkin votive candle holder has three pumpkin orange votive holders. They are lit for the a pleasant effect. Two of the pumpkin votive candle holders are positioned to light both sides of the table scape.
The autumn place setting has two place mats for a contrasting effect. The leaf place mat is angled in different directions at each place setting. The fall green and tan plaid place mat gives a grounding to the fall colors. You also see each place setting has different autumnal colors for contrast. A silver pumpkin place card holder is set in the small leaf bowl.

An overhead photo of the center of the table givens you a view of the blending of the coordination of autumnal shades.

The light from the bay windows shows a cheerful look at dining table. Please notice the light shining threw the amber etched goblet. The story is I had to travel to several stores in the vicinity to find enough for six. Luckily, the goblets were on sale for half price.

This is the artistic photo of the group, the sun and shadows was coming in during the morning, while I was photographing the table. We have had at least two weeks of rain here and I finally have a sunny day to photograph the table. It is so unusual for the rain to come all at once in this part of Texas.

The very center of the fall table is a Fitz n Floyd pumpkin tureen. I hope many of you went to the wonderful sale at Big Lots. The tureen was one of the great items I purchased.

I didn't find my pumpkins for the 25 cents price on the crate, but I did find them on sale.

The embroidered pumpkin and the fall colored stripes on the napkin are enhanced by the miniature pumpkin napkin rings.

The pumpkins are displayed in two antique green and gold crates.

More shapes of pumpkins are ready for sale in the two miniature metal wagons.

A photo of the metal pumpkin candle holder before the orange votive holders were lit. The pumpkin shaded beads are entwined around the pumpkin shape.

The face of this autumn fairy is surrounded by her rosy curls and her golden leaf wings, leaf bouquet and embroidered leaf dress.

The other fall fairy has golden braids with a darling leaf pinned hat. The pumpkin shades of her voile dress which is accented with tiny autumn flowers.
Both of the fairies are resting on the fall crates of pumpkins.

The napkin and napkin holder has the autumn colors to coordinate with the fall leaf china.

Each place setting has bowls and plates of differing colors, this is to compliment the leaf place mat.

Here is another example of how the place setting were arranged to show the autumnal colors.

The pumpkin beads on the wreath surrounds the pumpkin tureen for a compliment to the beaded pumpkin candle holders.

Miss Fall Flower Fairy has surrounded herself with pumpkins.

Miss Autumn Leaf Fairy is pointing out a her favorite choice.

The two photos below show some of the other shades of the china.

The photo gives a shot of how the table scape is placed.

Miss Fall Flower Fairy is sharing her space with the large pumpkin tureen.

Miss Autumn Leaf Fairy is hoping to entice someone to buy from her stash of pumpkins.

The beaded tendrils of the wreath are trying to climb the pumpkin.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dressed for the Beach Party

Don't you just love going to the beach! This party is to show off your best beach attire. So grab your hat and sunglasses for some bright sunny colors. The place setting is dressed for the beach party. The bright pink straw charger has been turned upside down replicating a straw hat with a pink gingham bow. The plate is created in the shape of a T-Shirt.

This picture has one of the T-Shirt plates with a bright pink background with cute prints of colorful flip-flops. Will the place setting match your outfit?

Would you rather have an bright green T-Shirt plate to match your
green bag and flip-flops?

I can always seat you at the bright orange T-Shirt plate. You are probably enjoying the flickering candle in the red votive. I hope you noticed each plate has a different color votive holder. You may be surprised that these are flame less votives which I picked up at Marshall's.

I will be serving you salad on the flip-flop side plate. Each one of the side plates is different and coordinates with the colorful print on the T-Shirt plate. Are you having trouble deciding whether to coordinate your outfit or go to a different color for your place to sit?

This place setting has a striped place mat showing the colors in the plates. The tablecloth is a shade of sand for the beach. The orange flatware has a casual shape but a hot color. The napkin and straw charger are such a bright shade of pink you may have to wear your sun glasses. I pulled the napkin through the woven napkin ring to fan into a flower.

Here's a beach bag full of pink potted roses. Does the print on the bag look like what your wearing and you brought to the beach? It is being held by a pastel colored beach chair on a white leafy cake stand.

If your feet need a pick-me-up, these bright pink striped flip-flops are just the thing. Hopefully, they will look great will the beach bag.

I will write your name on your place card when you pick where you want to sit. The striped place mat and place card are there to pick-up the beach party colors. Go ahead and sit down, I am stirring up a cool pitcher of pink lemonade. We will raise our flip-flop glasses to a swinging beach bash.

Another guest is sitting the green beach chair. Beau is dressed for a swim in his striped beach trunks and yellow visor. He has brought the red crab for us to eat or pet.

He is showing you a pink and white striped shirt. He thinks you would look great in it.

Our dashing guest in the pink beach chair is Bing.
He has worn a charming one piece striped swimsuit.

Bing is hoping to get in a game of beach ball with you before or after we eat. I hope you are ready for a vigorous game for he thinks of himself as a great athlete.

He really is a show off in those orange flip-flops. He disagrees with Beau and thinks you should try the green striped shirt. What ever you wear, hope you have a beach party blast.

T-Shirt plates and flip-flop side plates: Home Goods
Tablecloth, Place mat and Place Card: TJ Maxx
Straw chargers and Beach chairs: Home Goods
Pink roses in pots: Michael's (had awhile)
Orange Flatware: Target (had awhile)
Clothing: My Own