Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Trick or Treaters are gracing the table ready for a fun party!
The center of the table is decorated for the 31st of  October! 

Jackie-o is dressed in sophisticated attire of  her 60's style costume including the mini dress, striped stockings and purple go-go boots.
She has a black party mask so she can keep her identity a secret!
Her jack-o-lantern bag is perfect for collecting Halloween candy and cookies!
Jack-o is so dapper in his stylish purple vest and striped tie straight out of the 60's style book.
He dons his black bat wings and covers his identity with the bat wing mask.
Known for lovin' to party he will carry off the amazing loot in his purple cat bag!
Don't fear Jack-O-Lantern is here to guard the candy with his fierce grin. Just touch his nose and he will play his  monster music and wave his pointed hat!
Wrapping Jack and Jackie is a sheer table runner decorated with more laughing and toothy Jack-o-lanterns.
 The table covering is printed with the silhouettes of  witches and cats. Who prance and dance in front of the haunted houses and a yellow moon!
Layer upon layer of happy Halloween decor, the first represents the bright yellow moon!
The second is the jack-o-lantern grinning back at you.
 The third is the blood red square dinner plate!
 The fourth is the witches silhouettes dancing in the light of the moon on one of the salad plates!
The complete place setting with the Halloween hues to start the party.
 Accessorizing each place is a golden napkin and an orange knot napkin ring.
Libations are a must, please use your jack-o-lantern straw to sip the ghoulish punch  from your black silhouette glass. Your golden yellow footed stemware will contain a witch's brew.  These delicious nonalcoholic drink recipes are from Kraft.com.  
To light the table when the sun's rays set on this spooky night is the happy and scary faces of many jacks.  Your own votive candle holder is by your side.
 Keeping you in treats is this high stepping jack-o-lantern waiting to be wound!
As the witches begin their dance and the darkness descends, the orange candle will glow while standing on the tall glass holder, also lighted from the inside, as we party the night away!