Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 SUMMER is quintessentially the Sand and the Sea!

 The hunt for sea shells as the waves roll in and back out, again and again! 

The shell theme for this table began with finding the Majolica by Kaldun & Bogle!  On a visit to Home Goods earlier this summer,  I purchased the majority of the pieces but there were only 5 shell salads. The table stayed in the back of my mind and then fortune smiled and on a trip to another Home Goods just a few days ago the Majolica shell salads appeared with other Kaldun & Bogle pieces.
 The Colors of the Shells ..... PINKS, CREAMS & BROWNS
 The Colors of the Sea .... BLUES
The Colors of the Shore ..... TANS, BEIGES & YELLOWS
The sand of the beach is translated in the hue of the linen tablecloth and napkins by Fieldcrest.
The napkin ring is the a sea blue shaped knot.
Shell shape blue place mat from Style Happy is just one representation of the colors of the water.
Gibson named the dark blue flatware Sangria Rope.

 Sandy hued place plate by Destino, S. A. anchors the plates.

Matceramica from Portugal has a distressed cream finish on the dinner plate.

 The sage salad plate by Matceramic has the same pattern with more detail.
A Seahorse spreader is placed at the top of the plate for the lobster cheese dish.

Majolica shell shape plate with ruffles and swirls of pink, blues and creams.
Each of the the shell plates were in four different shapes!
The center is styled with a silver sea shell of different shapes on each shell plate.

 An array of goblets and tumblers for water, lemonade and iced tea.
The shell motif goblets are from France.

A fish shape plate is surrounded by shells and sea glass.

 A clear bowl is used to serve the whole wheat crispy crackers.

The centerpiece is a shell compote with three seahorses as the pedestal on a cake stand.
The other large majolica shell is placed in front of the cake stand.

 My husband's favorite tuna salad in served from the a glass bowl placed on a bed of ruffled lettuce topping the shell compote.

The large shell serves up a seafood salad in the glass bowl surrounded by green leafy lettuce.
Another majolica fish shape seems to be swimming with the shells along the sand.

The glass bowl provides a cheddar and sour cream chip to accompany  the salads.

 The majolica seahorse pitcher .....

with the detail of the seahorse handle.

 A close up of the seahorses on the pedestal of the compote and the shells scattered on the blue bubble glass cake stand with a wavy edge.

Any shell from the majolica box to the real ones are so collectible!

 The other shell pitcher .....

with the seaweed handle in a close up.

 Each place setting has textures from ruff to shiny! 

A cornucopia shell pitcher has the hues of the ocean and the colors used through out this  tablescape.

The best of the ocean and sea awaits!