Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day is always a great tradition since there is an ancestor or two in my background from the Isle of Ireland. The over all table of various shades of green gives a festive air to helping with the mood of the day. It makes me think of the song phrase " and the lilt of Irish laughter" from the song "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling."

The pale green table cloth is grounded by the green stripe place mats. A center plate is yellow majolica with a scattering of green shamrocks which is surrounded by the celery green handled silverware. The green and yellow enameled demitasse cup and saucer is centered on the plate. Matching green filigreed Aynsley cup, saucer and tea plate flank each side of the shamrocks on the mat. On the tea plat, a ramekin is waiting for a dessert. A shamrock ornament tied with shamrock ribbon repeats the theme as the holder to the pale green napkin. Vintage green depression goblet anchors the top with the miniature green beer mug and tiny top hat.

The Analee Irish mice and figures gaily dance on and around the pink
blossoming shamrock clad teapot.
One is playing a fiddle or violin for them to do a jig.

One of the mice stands on another Irish teapot with a Blarney stone for you to touch. Will it give you the luck of the Irish or am I telling the truth?

A large fellow is dancing a jig and playing a folk tune on top of a green shamrock. Is your foot tapping to the rhythm yet?

An Irish Dog with green spots will croon for you
"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" if you pet him on his side.
He sits proudly on his mistresses shamrock apron waiting for his pet.

The final touch is a green shimming shamrock tied with the matching ribbon so if you still haven't gotten enough luck then just sit down and your wish will be granted.

Fireplace mantle garland of beads and tiny top hats are held
in place by shear green bows and large green party hats.

Red haired Leprechaun guards the entrance to the party
and motions for you to come in and stay for the fun.

If you need a spot of tea to liven you up for a song and a jig ,
the jonquil teapot is ready for you to pour into the green Aynsley
teacup. So come along and join the jolly good times
of a St. Patrick's Day Party.

More trees in early March

The beautiful blossoming bradford pear trees on our street are in full spring splendour.

This is the above trees at a different angle to the street.
Our other neighbor has a pear tree with a full canope of flowers.

The creek bed of our neighborhood has many flowering
bradford pear trees lining the path.
This path meanders it's way among the trees and gardens to the lake.

We sighted this smaller but abundantly heavy blossomed tree while shopping.

This shot of the pear tree shows just how close the blooms are.