Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shelby and Lily blossoms

The photos of our rough collie is in the flowers at the front of our home. She is the perfect dog to take photos of for she always loves to look regal!
When she was a puppy, I photographed her sniffing a lily.
She just wanted to stop and just let me photograph her for she is so sweet to hold her position when I ask her.
These two photos are almost identical but, I just wanted to show how hard it is to decide which photos to pick!
This photo is just a bit closer!
Something caught her attention when I snapped this shot.
Another close-up of her in the lilies.
The above photo and is probably my favorite with her peeking up at the camera as if she is telling me Ok, Mom!
The last photo is her with the leaves of the lilies resting on her head and looking as she is deep in  though!
This is our precious and sweet tempered collie that is greatly loved and spoiled! She gives our lives special laughs and smiles especially when she talks to us.

Mother's Day flower basket

How sweet is the Flower Basket? This lovely Mother's Day gift arrived on Saturday before Mother's Day and was a total surprise! It brought tears to my eyes for it was a beautiful present from my son and my only child!
The darling puppy in carnations is special for it has a pink bow in honor for our collie, Shelby!  I absolutely love the blue and yellow colors of the other flowers. I am so thrilled with the lovely arrangement and the sweet words in his message!
Picking this basket is just so appropiate and I just love it! Thank you for your thoughtfulness my dear son!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Roses, Roses, Roses

Roses for Mother's Day
The table theme of roses began with the purchase of the pink roses on the set of china.
This table just fell into place for so many pieces have roses in this tablescape!

The Hallmark card is great for my Mother and expands to a view of a floral garden with the arched gate surrounded by climbing pink roses.

The balance of pink and green colors with a touch of yellow is anchored in the chintz table covering over the green tablecloth.  Each place setting has a layering of new and antique china, crystal and flatware.

Stacked china adds height to this place setting.

Topping the stack is a green and gold octagon shape demitasse cup and saucer antique by Royal Doulton H 3924. Fortunately, the gold filigree has roses incorporated into the design and there is a set of six. As I was reaching for the silver serving pieces in the silver cabinet I touched a small bundle which contained six coffee spoons with a coffee pot on top. How long ago and where they came from is a mystery.

Limoges porcelain by H/A Balleroy Freres manufactured china from 1908 until 1937 in France. Before turning the plate over this was obviously a french porcelain pattern with the swags of tiny roses. The salad tops the stack of plates.

The luncheon plate is one of the many sized plates in the set. Upon finding the porcelain set,  I decided it was time to use some of my antique french china rather than the new china I seem to use for many holiday tablescapes.

Substituting the large white dinner plate instead of using the plate from the antique set gives a break in the layering. The white plate is by Ralph Lauren from the Club Porcelain group.

Two surprises, one is the doily placed between the layers of plates! Saving the top of each plate from scratches as the back rubs the plate underneath is the purpose. The second is the clear crystal styled flatware by Bellamo lets the chintz table covering shine through. 

Pretty pink place plate is to bring focus to the rose designs.  Adding to the yellow hues is the straw place mat.

Another pop of color is the spring green napkin layered over the rosy pink crotchet edge of the cream napkin.  The bling of a pink hued crystal flowered napkin ring brings jewelry to the Mother's Day table.

The use of three stemware is for the purpose of color and to add a different drink to each course. For the salad plate a mix of wild greens with cranberries, strawberries, blackberries and a raspberry pink vinaigrette will be served with  cranberry cocktail juice in the pink etched wine goblet.  The main course is chicken salad with pecans and green grapes served on a lettuce leaf in the luncheon plate. The clear water goblet will accompany the main course with spring water and a slice of lemon. As the plates are cleared, a dessert plate of dark chocolate torte drizzled with white chocolate sauce will be placed on the dinner plate. A toast of the green flutes containing sparkling white grape juice will be to the mothers on this special day. (The water goblet contains the cranberry cocktail juice just for this photo.)
A close-up of the water goblet displays the etched rose in the crystal.
Coffee with be served from the pale yellow demitasse pot by Johnson Brothers in the green and gold demitasse cups and saucers after the dessert.  If you choose, whole strawberries with cream and sugar is served in the white cabbage leaf  by Spode.  Maybe a tiny peach and brown sugar muffin is more your choice served from the Shelley "Regency" pattern muffin server.  Everything is in reach from the 3 tiered stand wrapped with metal pink rose and green leaves.
The antique pink roses creamer and sugar will tempt you to add fresh cream or rainbow sugar sprinkles to your coffee.

The flower bouquet of pink roses and other spring flowers is placed in two crystal vases by Waterford. The pattern is my mother's Lismore and I borrow her goblets and she can borrows my vases. The Mother's Day celebration is a time to be together and remember the good times but if you are not near your Mother then call and pink roses could be a lovely choice to send.