Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So this is Christmas 2010!

"So this is Christmas!", as the song goes Christmas is made up with red, green, holly, and ribbons. A good tea always warms the heart and opens us up to the spirit of Christmas, and this 222 5th teapot in the Holiday Festivities pattern holds a center place on my table.

Cupcakes covered in Christmas colors invites you to partake in this meal, with Santa watching who is naughty or nice.

The sun beams are reaching into the dining room to brighten the Christmas joy.

The red bows are tied on the centerpiece and are carried onto the Christmas chinaware.

By each dinner plate a diminutive woodland basket is adorned with holly and berries with each wearing a Poinsettia as a topper.

A red Noritake goblet stands ready to be filled with Christmas cheer.

The design of these Christmas plates included four speciality salad plates. Each one in a winter bouquet bound with red ribbon.

A view of red berries entwined with red ribbon.

Pine cones grace this salad plate.

Holly leaves with white berries adorn this salad.

A center of a Poinsettia bloom graces this fourth salad plate.

A forest of green and red trees circled with red glittered ribbon.

Tiny Christmas trees enliven the Christmas scene.

Large green snow flaked covered glass ornaments filled with green candles adorn the wooden candle stands.

Matching red glass ornaments balance the tablescape.

A green napkin wrapped in a red beaded napkin ring along with a red place mat and green handled silverware.

Santa holding his packages ready to place under the Christmas tree.

The center of the table has Christmas trees are lighted by large Christmas bulbs.

Looking across the length of the table, the entire Christmas tablescape is viewed. Another Christmas filled with love.