Sunday, June 30, 2013

July 4th : A Ducky Day!

The reason I am posting a July 4th table is due to all of the new things I found shopping this week! The weather is predicted to be cooler on July 4th!
Of course, no cooking but barbeque from Spring Creek!
Our patio table is set to be photographed, but I will recreate this on the morning of the 4th.  
 I was pleased to find the red and white floral napkins at the first of summer, they were called Patio and I love the thrift store red flatware.
 The Pfaltzgraff  white dinner plate from CTS!
  The fun part is the cute star shape plates with 3 different patterns from Michael.s. This one has the red and white flag stripes.
My inspiration for the table are the 6 darling ducks with 3 different patriotic suits. This ducky is decked out a blue and white suit with a striped hat which coordinates with the red and white stripe plate. 
Another star plate has blue with white stars. 
 Matching the plate is a ducky sporting a head full of stars and a red and white striped suit.
 A goblet by Libbey has a star pattern. It is ready for a serving of iced tea or sweet tea to cool us off!
 Two blue crystal pitchers are styled with small patriotic flag to repeat the stars and stripes theme for the centerpiece.
Completing the centerpiece are the three red lanterns and the candles will be lit as the sun sets on our independence day holiday!
The two duckies covered in blue with white stars have patriotic striped wings .....
Each ducky is centered on the perfect red and blue stars plate finishing the patriotic theme on our woven basket coffee table!
Our sweet Shelby, rough collie, is waiting patiently for us to finish and then for a pet and treat! She is 10 years old with arthritis and is a treasure which we are thankful that every morning she greets us with a big tail wag!
Our 4th will be filled with flags, food and family, including two with four paws. 
Our greatest blessing is our freedom given to this nation by our forefathers and the sacrifice of every man and woman who has and is serving to keep us safe at home and abroad!
Please fly your flag on the 4th to celebrate our Freedom!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My trip to Lone Star Antique Mall and my Husband's Help!

The  precious sign was displayed in a booth at the antique mall my husband and I traveled to just north of Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Lone Star Antique Mall has been in this location for many years. We have visited here many times but we drove from our home which is east of Dallas to north of Ft. Worth and a little over an hour's drive. The mall has very high end items to more middle priced items.
At on end of the mall is a lovely tearoom with delicious food. We have eaten there before but it was convenient this trip. 
Some ladies waiting to be seated in the tearoom!
A beautiful glass case with the glass epergne and plates for sale in the tearoom.
Yummy desserts displayed in the glass case in the waiting area.
Several booths displayed patriotic vignettes to catch your attention. 
A gorgeous red, white and blue star quilt hung in back of another booth.
Towards the back of the mall a huge assortment of metal advertising signs were hung on the wall or set on the floor.
More of these signs were used and several large red letters!
Another lovely booth with a baby crib enclosing several child's pieces.
A corner booth is set off with pretty metal fencing and with cute signs hung as an attraction.
 Here is another lovely patriotic quilt shown with a beautiful brass eagle.
One of my favorite was this black antique truck and looked as if it was being driven down the street!
In front of the truck, was a ride with a clown peddling and pulling a cart.
The other ride was a clown on a see saw ready for a child to balance the other seat. The clown has a speaker in his chest and would have played music or a recording! These were so interesting and may have been hand crafted.
Here is a photo to better represent how large they were!
In the back of the truck, a grocery cart and a step stool with several cute signs were darling.
 My favorite sign was this cute saying and the small size grocery cart!
The truck was parked between buildings facing each other and a walk way on both sides of the truck!
One of the buildings was the Lonesome Dove Hotel which houses a large booth.
This photo depicts the inside of the booth and the Hotel sign is above the windows. 
Between the buildings on the street is a large wooden farm table with beautiful metal and glass centerpieces.

A charming set of china is shown on the woven wooden placemat. 
A lovely shelf holds many blue and white plates and platters
A large shop in the back of the mall has several wooden vintage cabinets with feminine accessories and clothing for sale.
A unique setting of pink garden furniture and wooden columns are accented by a pink flowered sundress.
A great blue convertible and the cute Dino the green dinosaur had signs warning to enjoy looking but do not touch.
A lovely and unusual Royal Doulton tea set was just waiting for me to carry home but when checked on the teapot had a broken lid and handle with repairs. The rest of the set was in great condition including the sugar not in the photo. So, I went on to look at other interests.
Including this lovely display of Shelley china and as always pricey tags.
The most interesting cup and saucer in the Shelley "Melody" pattern with a price of $75 and I recently purchased one for $14 in a small country town.
The very front of the mall has a beautiful living and dining room set for you to admire.
My favorite was the lovely wooden and glass screen which appears to be French.
Also in the front is another patriotic vignette with flags and cobalt blue glassware.

I viewed some of my photos and discovered I hadn't shown the metal bottle tree in the center of the farm table. I went to the back of the mall to show this wonderful table.
I also photographed this feed store and the great booth facing the farm table and antique truck .
These are some more of the beautiful displays of china which I am always on the hunt for and I loved the red flowered chintz covered vegetable bowl.
A beautiful china hot chocolate pot with two cups and saucers is another piece I thought about! But, I left without buying anything there!
What was so interesting was our detour. My husband turned to route us around the construct and traffic a he found a estate sale sign and pulled over to let me shop. I was fortunate to find a small china watering can with china flowers and a trellis handle marked $15 which I bought for $10. I had a happy face and thanked my husband for seeing the estate sale sign. I will post it in a later tablescape!  I love how he helps!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed visiting Lone Star Antique Mall with me!
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