Monday, December 1, 2008

Texas Longhorns

Go LONGHORNS...........................

Monday and everyone is gone except Shelby and me. We had a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Christopher was home from college, he seemed to relish attention and food. We loved seeing him and listening for his sound around the house. He left for college and work on Friday, he had to be back by 5 o'clock. Due to rain and heavy traffic he bearly made it. Today he told me, he is mad about the BCS ripping UT out of the Big 12 playoff game.

The sweetheart and I were off for a very late lunch Friday. We had Taco Bell, it helped with our colds due to its spicey ingredients. Saturday, we went out again to allen Outlet Mall just south of Mckinney. Thank goodness that he was driving because the parking lot was full and he could just dropped me off by the door. After my visit to the Waterford/Wedgwood shop, my husband said you were only going to look, but just look at you soooooo wrong. The store had 35% off everything in the store sale, I could not resist. I looked and looked and finally settled on a teapot in the petals pattern. The store called San Marcos shop and found a creamer and sugar bowl for me which I will pick up next weekend while my husband is at a covention in Austin. Of course I always go to the outlet mall when we go to Austin.

This is the great pattern "Old Vine" in purple by Wedgwood. I purchased this for it has such a lovely dark hue. The dealer had some of the dishes in Plano and McKinney at different antique malls. I had a lot of fun finding it.

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