Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last look at July 4th

4th of July photos......
I was wanting to take a few more photos of my tablescape for the 4th. These were taken with a different camera. I moved the elf to pose on the teapot.

This is a close-up of the America sign, I wanted a good view of the flag and stars.

Here's a photo of the large elf's face with the patriot ribbon in the background.

Another is of the trio of elves, which really shows off their expressions

The girl elf below has even the sequins on her skirt showing their sparkle.

I love proud look and stance of this girl elf. She to show how glad she is to hold the flag.

A photo of the flag china, flatware and napkin givens a shot of all the designs together.

I feel I could reach in a pick up the cup to give a toast to our country!

This is just a touch of our country!

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