Monday, June 7, 2010

My Husband's Birthday Table

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart! We are having ice cream and sprinkle cup cakes! The table is set for him and he was very happy to see his own special celebration! Isn't it fun to have birthdays, for I love seeing smiles on every one's face.

The place setting is colorful for Birthdays to me say " Hello" we are having a party!

This turquoise ice cream cone is ready for the best ice cream around. Each place setting has a turquoise, pink or green ice cream cone. We will have Blue Bell Ice Cream, which comes from the little town of Breham, Texas. If you are in Texas, be sure to go into a grocery store and buy any flavor for they are all delicious. We are having moollennium! It is moolicious!

I had to show you the great dessert or salad plates called pinwheel. We will be having our sprinkle cup cakes on these.

Here is the turquoise dinner plate, I am using it as a place plate to add more color. My sweetheart has blue eyes and so they will match.

You guessed, I will be using a pink ice cream cone for mine. It is more of a girl color!

Here you are getting the bird's eye view with a Happy Birthday sign encircling the centerpiece. The Wilton cupcake stand is great, for I found it on sale and it even disassembles.

Does this make you hungry? I do love cupcakes!

These ice cream cones are my flower vases, with white carnations suggesting vanilla ice cream.

The ice cream cones are wrapped with wire foil party hats.

This close-up is of the ice cream spoon.

Let's Party!

The balloon party horn highlights the bright blue in the napkin.

Our balloon Birthday hats add to the color combinations in the dishes.

The ice cream spoon came in a set of four different styles: a banana split dish, ice cream cone, Eskimo pie and a hot fudge sundae.

He had a wonderful Birthday and really enjoyed his own surprise tablescape. Don't we all love celebrations and making our family feel special. I always forget to thank Susan for her kindness in letting us share all this fun. She works so hard each week making us feel welcome and I love seeing what new table she creates. This is a big Thank You to you, Susan!

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Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

What a darling table! SO festive, and I love, love, love those pinwheel plates! The ice cream theme is such fun, and you have some wonderful items to carry it out. I know your husband was delighted! Thank you for commenting on my tablescape -- it allowed me to find your blog. Always glad to meet another Texas tablescaper!