Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saint Pat's Day comes to Texas

A lovely young Irish girl is picking spring flowers for a bouquet for the St. Patrick's Day table. Her ruffled skirt is billowing in the breeze as she hurries home. The figurine is by Royal Doulton and the colors, her slipped bonnet, and flower basket is why I chose her.
The thoughts of St.Patrick's day brings out the SPRING blossoms of jonquils. The arrangement of yellow jonquils in a vintage green glass vase is tied with a shamrock ribbon. The individual teapot with scattered green shamrocks is a peek of the china used on the tablescape.

The center of the table is a colorful array of green and white with touches of yellow.

The lovely book of "The Charms of Tea" is echoed in the brass kettle for holding hot water.

The surprise of shamrocks on a basket weave embossed china speaks of Irish tea time. A green and white checked placemat accents the colors of St. Patrick's Day.

The yellow blossom in the young girl's hand is repeated in the yellow jonquils.

Each person has an individual teapot and can choose their own personal tea choice.

A green shamrock coaster for each teapot adds to the Irish tea table.

What flavor of tea is your choice? Mine is green tea for the celebration of St. Patrick's Day!

A close-up of the porcelain shamrock tea plate is complimented by the art deco green depression bowl. The bowl will be great to serve lime sherbet as a refreshing and color coordinated dessert.

Another close-up of the plate shows the detail in the the basket weave and the embossed green shamrocks.

The lighter green napkin is caught in a ring of green bells and a tiny green ribbon.

White handled silverware is a clean look with the green and white checked placemat.

You can drink your tea in the in the shamrock teacup and later have some Irish spirits in the green swirl goblet.

Showing a page from the "The Charms of Tea", the table is laden with sumptuous tea fare! It is time to serve our own tea food including Irish soda bread.



afternoon tea said...

What a beautiful table. I would love to come for tea at your house. I'm not sure what tea I would choose, green tea would be nice and, I agree, very appropriate.

I really like your idea of individual tea pots! And I'm going to have to look for a copy of that tea book.

The Royal Doulton figurine is perfect for St Patrick's day (or any other day, come to that) :)


♥ Miss Tea said...

Lovely table setting! i do love the figurine, she's lovely! I have to get the charms of tea book like yours! i do love the teaset, the napkins and the shamrock coasters! so many lovely things on your table, beautiful photos and Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day! x

Richard Cottrell said...

I see why you bought the beautiful pink rose tea set when you were traveling through my Missouri. Thnaks so much for taking the time to look at my blog. I also have enjoyed yours. I never knew you were a blogger. I hope you had a safe and fun trip. I want to have you stop again sometime when you are this way. I just became your newest follower. I hope you will check my blog out again and often. I usually post about 2 times a week. I hope to have a surprise announcement to make on Tuesday, so check it out. Thanks for the great purchase. Richard and Sissy Dog at My old Historic House