Thursday, January 31, 2013

A New Member of the Family

  How many photos do you take of our new Collie puppy?
A zillion!
We are so fortunate to find this sable merle male on line at Erte' Collie! He was born Nov. 13, 2012 with his two other brothers from  his mom, Esme and dad, Hatcher. He has all the wonderful  generations of great Collies before him and will be loved by all our family.  

 He has that sweet face and innocence with all the world of exploring ahead of him!
 Our son, Christopher, Ranger, the pup, and Shelby, our sweet lady collie posing for a family photo! We have had three collies in our lives with Shelby being the third. The first was Crystal, our first puppy, then Lad, our male who loved and cherished Christopher, but they have gone to doggy heaven. We have been so fortunate to have each of these wonderful loves in our lives and each has had the special traits of collies plus their own great personalities.
 Ranger and Christopher on one of the warm January days just enjoying the sun!
The two collies ready to play in the backyard and just gone to have fun.
The cutest photo was Ranger getting ready for baseball but just having to take a short puppy nap!
We  are so excited by his every new adventures and events in his life!
He was 10 weeks old and flew in on my Birthday from Minnesota!
We cannot thank Ray enough for flying him on United Airlines and all the wonderful attention to detail.
He has a laid back personality but he loves to be petted and is the furriest of all our collies so he is very soft.
Just a great Collie!


Marlis said...

Love this post. you are right! My husband had a collie growing up, they are just wonderful dogs. You got to spend some time here with the pretty weather! Thanks so much for visiting. I would have met you for coffee or something had I known!! Do let me know next time you come through. xo marlis

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

Your collie is so pretty! I had a collie when I was very young! Now we have a bassett hound and a teddy bear dog. The teddy bear dog was an early Christmas present to myself! Thanks for the visit and have a good week!


Your furry baby is a real cutie! Congrats!