Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Living Room

Welcome to the Easter House of Bunny! This is the entrance hall and Miss Party Bunny is saying hello as she flips her yellow feather boa at you.

We see Mr. Cook Bunny leading the Party Parade all over the house. You should be sure to stop and smell the tulips as you pass by.

A tray is waiting for you, as Little Miss Pinkie Frou Frou asks you to join her in a cup of bunny tea. Don't forget to hold up your pinkie finger to show your best party etiquette.

Mother Duck in her adorable spring bonnet and her two ducklings, Dollie Duck and Dandy Duck, sit waiting for you. See if you can pluck one of the Easter surprises from their Easter basket without ruffling their feathers.

Oh, the tiny colorful bunnies are parked on the mantle with their color coordinated sack of jelly beans. There are even bunny shaped baskets of eggs for you to admire. Do you think there is flower flavored tea in the lovely buttercup teapot?

The other tiny bunnies are playing under the Buttercup Flower Basket. Would you like to play with them and help find all the Easter eggs?

The mantle is decorated with festive Easter Egg ribbon garland. Please, untie the tiny Easter buckets and help the tiny bunnies place all their Easter treats in them.

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