Sunday, April 5, 2009

My 2009 Easter Table

" Happy Easter!", shouts Father Pinky Bunny as he twirls his cane to welcome you to the Easter Time Party with all his Bunny friends. Next to Father is Purple Bunny, Jr. and the twins, Miss Lilac and Mr. Lavender.

Mother Pinky Bunny is greeting you with a hop in her step. Her daughter, Miss Princess Bunny is telling you, " Come sit a spell and enjoy your Easter stay." The other little bunnies are gathered as well for cousins have come all dressed in their best Easter finery.

A place is set for Peter Cottontail, we will have Easter cake on the bunny plate and carrot juice in the lavender goblet. If you eat too much we can offer you some chamomile tea in the tiny green cups.

The teapot is ready and there is cream and sugar if you care for some. It is time sit and partake of the feast.

Oh! You can sit at the head of the table. Cousin Mr. Green Bunny will be glad to sit with you.

Here is another chair, I see you brought a friend so let's be seated. Mother Pinky Bunny will lead us in song, "The Easter Parade".

Just be sure and don't bump your Easter bonnet on the shiny Easter eggs. The Easter bunny family can get a little tipsy with the singing and all the carrot juice flowing. Don't forget there is always chamomile tea to soothe you and those precious playful bunnies.

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