Sunday, January 4, 2009

Greenville, Texas

The weather was great the day we went to Greenville. A January day in the seventies. Inside a gift store, the fifty percent sign on Christmas items was tempting. The most interesting was their snowman tree. The tree was a result of losing the top of the tree. They came up with the snowman head and the rest was a collaboration of the store owners.

While shopping in one of the antique malls, I spotted this large mason jar in a locked glass case. It is the same size as one I already have but this is in the Mandarin pattern.

A surprising story came about while buying these four chintz trios at another antique place in Greenville. Another customer, a man came up to me as the employees were wrapping the china and said, "Oh, you bought the china!". I said, "Yes.". Then he responded he had planned on buying it. I thought he was joking as some people do, but he kept talking. I asked tentatively are you joking or are you serious. He explained, they had a mission at church where they would set the tables with tea sets and use ladies hats as center pieces. He loved tea and he would buy tea sets. He said, he had tea with his own children and grandchildren. I thought he was from Greenville but, I told sweetheart the man had on a shirt with Elliot's hardware. I assumed there was one in Greenville as was the case in the metroplex. When we got home and I looked up Elliot's on the internet, I realized he really was upset and had come back into the store to buy some other items and the china. I guess I was lucky, but sweetheart said why didn't he buy it.


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