Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Waxahachie Valentine Windows

Valentine's Day sprang to life in the windows of the antique mall in Waxahachie. A picture of the festive day is exactly why my sweetheart gave me a camera for Christmas.

This window looks like a Valentine party any girl would love to attend.

The front view of the window shows the wonderful red and white colors. The side view above captures the frilly white party dress.

The scene in this window reminds me of a dining room with the Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookie jars. Do you think they hold red valentine heart shape cookies? There might even be something special from your sweetheart in them!

As you walk in the door of the mall, you are again transported back to a Valentines's Day party. The beautiful vintage red gown catches your eye and captures you imagination of twirls on a dance floor of a girl and her special beau.

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