Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Texas Tree Ice

The trees along Duck Creek are covered in ice which we saw when we drove by. Sweetheart turned and stopped in the street so I could take a few photos. A local policeman in his cruiser pulled up and pointed at me to move the car. He stopped my fun of taking photos of the beautiful trees along the curve of the road.

Below are photos of Pecan Grove Park, the park is on the other side of Duck Creek.

What is so remarkable about these photos is the sun is causing the trees to glisten as it catches the sparkle of the ice.

We took photos of different areas of the park and you can see one curve of the creek and the ground's slope down to it.

Have you noticed, the ground doesn't appear icy. This is because the ice has already melted there. If you could walk around to the other side of the tree you would see the ice was already gone. The side I am photographing is in the shade and still has ice. But the sun is so bright causing the ice to shine on the branches.

Top of the hill in the park and a curve to the road as you drive in and out of the pecan trees.

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